Being called a “White Girl” when your very much a Women Of Color!

As long as I can remember people of color wether they are family members, friends or people I just met has always called and I quote “A White Girl”. This has always bothered me because what makes me any less of a black woman?

Over the years I have always brushed or laugh it off, but lately I wanted to know why you think its okay to say something like that to me. So I recored people’s different statements that were said to me. This is what I heard:

1. Your not your average or typical black girl.

2. You sound like a white girl.

3.I talk really proper.

4. I’m boogie.

The list can go on and on. My all time favorite is that “I am not hood enough”. This really makes me laugh. Hood enough? People need to get real, I have to throw up gang signs or wear Jordan’s to considered “hood”. Let me put that list into perspective. I do not know what an average black girl is, but if my skin is black shouldn’t qualify me for being black? I did not know white girls had a sound, yea their voice will be different because maybe they have an accent or such but get real here. I talk proper and its not even talk proper its you speak properly if they want to get technical. Am I suppose to talk like I’m am sending out a text or a tweet and say “yo bruh where my five dollars at?” or “you aint no mother fu**ing good Tyrone”. I speak properly because its the correct way to speak. I will admit it probably comes from the many books I read over the years and the many papers I had to write as well because my family is as country as it gets. The boogie one is the hilarious statement. I am boogie because I don’t even know why they even think that so I can’t even put that into perspective because I am very humble and thankful for my blessings.

When you ask others why they think its okay to say that to others they laugh it off or say I am just playing with you. Before like I mentioned above I use to brush it off or not say anything but the time has come for me to put those people in their place. For one things its not okay to say that to anyone. Second you have to no right to say that to anyone because they don’t meet what you think a black girl should be like. Third who are you even to say that. Lastly its a shame that because I don’t meet your standards I’m am considered less of black girl because you forget to notice that my skin is as brown or even browner than yours, I grew up in the same neighborhood as you, but since I choose a different path for my life I’m considered to be more of a “white girl” than a black one. I say these things so that they can think about their stupidity and ignorance.

Its amazing to speak with other woman of color and know that people have said the same thing to them. A friend of mine has said the same thing to her and I quote  “I talk mad proper and act stuck up”. Now I am just getting to know this young woman and it did not even cross my mind those words other said about her. What i saw was a young girl thats trying to make something of herself. She is also a fellow blogger(https://wordsfromthelost.wordpress.com).

All these things mentioned above are words from ignorant people because none of those statements make me any less of a women of color. I don’t act any differently than how a young women should act. In reality its those people that should be considered the odd ones out. Society and music gave you a certain way to act and most people of color follow that to the tee.

Bottom line is I am comfortable in my own skin, my hair is kinky, my clothes show my hippie side. I prefer Chuck Taylor’s than Jordan’s(Who wants to pay for $300 shoes, this broke chick sure does not). These words use to bother me, but it took me a while to finally understand that their is nothing wrong with me. I will always be a women of color. I may not act how you want me or expect me to act but I’m perfectly fine being who I am and if I don’t meet your standards of what a “black girl” is suppose to be like than you can really kiss my ass.

Happy Reading!!

XoXo Ebony Monae<3


6 thoughts on “Being called a “White Girl” when your very much a Women Of Color!”

  1. I love this post ! Especially the “you aint no good tyrone ” lol . It’s really annoying how ignorant people except you to talk . Everyone doesnt want to sound like their education is being wasted .. Now if only more people spoke properly then we will be in business .. Lol I relate to this so much !!!


  2. I’m not an African American but I grew up in a predominantly area and heard that being said all the time in school. I’m older now and can truly reflect on the statement, basically I sum it up to mean this: because you talk/act/dress properly and with REAL class you no longer fit in/ you don’t meet the standards of “being a African American”. But to the person being called “white girl/boy” do not stoop to that level because a person who says that or thinks doesn’t like the fact that you wanted more for yourself. This is not to say that those who talk/act/dress in the stereotypical way didn’t want more. It’s those who actually verbalized that thought because of not they would understand and praise you instead of demean you.

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