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Book Review for Again for the First Time!

As I have written before reading is one of my all time favorite things to do. When I was younger I always felt that I did not quite fit in with my family so reading was my escape. I used to love going to the Salvation Army with my grandma and finding books for twenty-five cent. I would read book after book. My mother was very strict with my sister and I so there was not much I could do but read. My head was always in a book. Now that iPad’s and Kindles came into existence my face is always on one of those things.

My new thing is reading books by authors that are not really known and trying to get their name known or just following a dream of theirs. Amazon is my number one place to get books by these self-published authors. I also love to review most books that I have read. Some people are die-hard reviewers and will have a two page review. If it is a good piece of literature I will keep it to either a paragraph or two. I will never leave a nasty review I believe in constructive criticism even if your story is bad as hell. Writing is hard as and I know because I am trying to write my own novella.

The book I have read this week was Again for the First Time by Raven St. Pierre.

Quote from the book:
“..without the rain, you’d never learn to appreciate the sunshine.”

I was just BLOWN AWAY. This love story moved me so much. I was crying and laughing with the characters. I felt like I was a part of their love story in a way.  The author did an amazing job with writing this book. Not only did she do wright an amazing story she also put in real life advice when it comes to love. This book made me analyze my stands on love. Lucca(LOVE THAT FREAKING NAME) and Lissette were perfect for each other. They both had things to over come and they worked at it together. I loved how the writing portrayed what they both were thinking and going through. The burdens they had were really strong and they carried this with them especially Lucca. Lissette she was this breath of fresh air for him. She smiled and laughed despite her own pain. She was quirky and hippie she was a beauty that did not even know how beautiful she was. Lucca was a sweet caring guy, he was strong when she needed him to be.

Her family was wonderful. I loved them, I loved how they did not like what she did but stood by her decisions and supported her. I don’t want to give away. Anyone reading this review pick up this book and give it a chance because this story will most defiantly move you to tears. The whole star-crossed lovers part of the novel really did that for me.

Take the time to read this book you because you won’t be disappointed you might actually learn something about love or yourself.

Happy Reading!!


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