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The Month of Love and What it Means to Me


Its February and the month of Love. Everywhere you turn you see nothing but pink and red. As Valentines Day approaches it is a day people look forward too and a day others dread. In the beginning of the year I took a pledge. Every month it would be a month for me to work on something I feel I lack. Last month it was eating healthy and starting a healthy life style. I stuck to my guns I have cut out sweets, sodas(only drunk it occasionally), starting eating more healthy, starting working out everyday. I set goals for this year and what I want it to mean to me.

The month of February is about love correct? Well I pledge to love myself. Love who I am. Love the person I am becoming. Love my natural hair, love my big boobs, love my round belly, love my thighs that touch each other. Loving yourself is the first step to loving someone else. I have always struggled to love who I am. Looking to others to love me first rather than my own self. For years I LET others mistreat me, believing in there own twisted way that they loved me. Since then I have grown. So in the month of love I am pledging love to myself.

Many might see this post and think she’s single or hating on Valentines Day. That is their opinion but that is not the case. 2015 for me is all about growth and prosperity. They are right to think that I am single but I do not hate on others who have someone to spend Valentines Day with. Last month it was about beginning the year right and starting a healthy lifestyle.  To all others who struggle with self doubt and loving themselves I hope my post reminds you to love yourself. Do not let others dictate how you fell about yourself. If you have a lover or not on Valentines Day treat yourself even if its getting yourself a little gift. Nothing is more beautiful  than a person loving who they are!

XOXO EbonyMonae


Happy Valentines Day<3


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