Quotes, Inner Strength

One of my Favorite Quotes 💜

“I will be more than what expect of me because my greatness you will never see.”

This quote has got me through some tough times in my life when I felt like people were putting me down and not seeing my worth. I found this quote in a book called FanGirl Squeal(which I am reading again). This quote made me realize that people will never see your true potential either because they don’t believe in you or the scared of the potential you may have to rise above them.

For years I let myself listen to words of others. Let others tare me down whether it was my dreams, goals, looks. People have made me feel stupid and inferior to them.
It’s crazy how a quote can put things in perspective for a person. That’s what those sixteen words did for me. Apart those words are just simple words but together they have the power to change a lot in ones life.

My greatness will always come from within. If people can’t see that then it’s a shame because they are missing out on a pretty amazing person that I am.

Final thoughts: their will be people in this world that are here to break you, to stop you from achieving your most greatest achievements. But realize this the only person that’s is really stopping you is YOU. People will never have nothing nice to say but if you listen too your own words of encouragement and see your true potential trust me when I say this, their is not a person alive that can stop you💜.

XoXo EbonyMonae

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