50 Shades, Movie Review

Movie Review Fifty Shades 💋

4 Oh So Disappointing Stars.

Too start off I am a 50 shades fan to death. I read all the books in 1 week. I loved EL James trilogy and no trilogy since then has even surpassed the national attention this book has caused. Let’s start off saying I am an avid reader by heart it’s my passion it’s what I love to do so reading about sex scenes are nothing new to me but I will say this she has opened my eyes to darker erotica books I now enjoy by other authors.

The movie it self was good I will say that. The characters were not anybody of my choosing but this movie had so many actors and actresses dropping out so I can understand the frustration with just saying what the hell and pick anyone. And still too many BDSM is still a taboo and controversial topic. To me not so much. Anastasia she grew on me I was pleasantly surprised by the actress Dakota Johnson as her first lead role she did a great job.

Now to Mr. Grey played by Jamie Dornan I was disappointed in his character I wanted more from him. I wanted a darker Christian. More of a stern and slightly wicked portrayal than what I got. I think the reason so many wanted to see it was because of Mr. Grey he lived in so many women and men’s fantasy. The actor did not pull it off. Certain lines like “I don’t make love, I fuck” did not sound right coming from his mouth and I actually laughed. I mean full belly laughed because until I was shhed. Bottom line Jamie has to work on his portrayal of Christian because he was lacking in some areas. That’s one of the reasons the movie was four stars.

Second reason was the little things from the book you could of added such as the beginning of the book when Anastasia walked into Mr. Grey’s office she fell and he caught her. In the movie it did not happen. Also in the Red Room of Pain his pants button was undone. Again in the movie that was not the case. I do recall in an interview that EL James took she wanted to keep it as original as possible which is understandable because it’s your book coming to the big screen. But something as small as this was disappointing to see.

The movie did have parts I did like. The sex scenes were just how I imagined them to be. Her mom pissed me off in both the movie and the book. Ana’s wanting more of Christian was portrayed very well you saw her earnest in in the way she read her lines.

All in all the movie was not bad. I enjoyed it. It was a great time to spend with the girlfriends and have a girls night. It was worth my money to say the least. I will be seeing it again to see maybe if I missed anything or if it was just the hype of the night. I urge readers to go see the movie if your into it I mean.

💋💋 EbonyMonae

Yes I made an airbrushed shirt for the night. I am just that dorky😎




1 thought on “Movie Review Fifty Shades 💋”

  1. Well, to be honest, Christian’s dialog in the books was laughable. “I want you, baby.” “Come for me, baby.” “Do you like that, baby?” baby baby baby. It drove me nuts. 😛


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