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Another Epic Poet📝

Still on my poetry kick. I found another amazing poet and his poem has been on repeat on my iPhone all evening long, so much so I had to write another post about it. This poet is amazing. The way he delivers his poem shows how powerful his words are. His poem is titled “Knock Knock” and boy do you get goosebumps when hearing it.  In his poem he speaks of the things he wished his father told him.  Growing up I had a father figure in the household but it was like he was never their as we were never close and he rarely spoke to me, so it was really like had no father. This poem made me think about it. His words were dead on to what I wish my father would have said to me.  Lines that stuck out to me “Dribble the page with the brilliance of your ballpoint pen, walk like a god and your goddess will come to you. No longer will I be there to knock on doors you must learn to knock for yourself. Knock Knock down doors of racism and poverty that I could not. Knock Knock on doors of opportunity for the lost brilliance of black men that crowd these cells. Knock Knock with diligence for the sake of your children. Knock Knock for me, for as long as you are free these prison gates can not contain my spirit. The best of me still lives in you. Knock Knock with the knowledge that you are my son but you are not my choices. Yes we are our fathers sons and daughters but we are not there choices, but despite there absences we are still here, still alive, still breathing with the power to change this world one little girl and boy at a time.” 

Take a minute and let all that sink in. Wow right. Thats how I am feeling. The last part of his poem is so strong and powerful. It just moved me. “No longer will I be there to knock on doors, you must learn to know for yourself.” How many people can relate to doing this because you had no father or mother to do this for you? I know I can. I had parents but it was like I was alone most of the time. So I had to learn to do a lot of things on my own. I wish I could say I knocked down doors of racism and poverty but I have not. “… are my son but you are not my choices.” Love that whole sentence. Some people carry the burden of the choices their parents have made in there life. You have to understand that your parents made those choices and you can not carry them with you.  Power to change this world one little girl and boy at a time. That sentence man.  All to often we forget that the next generation of leaders need a lot of guidance.  Powerful poem and message.

XoXo EbonyMonae




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