Inner Strength, Oscars, Womans Rights

Amazing Speech🙌👏

There were other great speeches at the oscars but this one stole the cake for me.


This speech was an inspiring one. As a young woman it was always instilled in my head that I have to work harder than a man because of my vagina. And often times even harder than a white woman because the color of my skin dictates my pay and sometimes my rights as a human being. My vagina should not stop me from having equal pay or equal rights.

It is the 21st century and woman are still fighting for equal rights. It was over 95 years ago that women were given the right to vote. To this day were a still fighting for other rights. Members of Congress declares a woman should not have abortions its a sin and morally not right. I am pro life but I am also pro choice. It is a woman’s choice what to do with her body. My body is my body and no man or woman should dictate what should be done to it. I have that right ONLY me. When obtaining a job and a man and I have the same qualifications we should both get the same amount of pay as my male counterparts. It’s not right that just because he is a man he is considered the head of household or bread winner of the family that he gets more money. More woman are the bread winners for their families while more fathers are becoming stay at home fathers.

We have to stand up for each other and have an united front✊. If no one does who will? I am with others who feel that it is about time us woman have equal pay and rights. This is an serious problem our nation faces among others.


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