Inner Strength, love Yourself, Monday, Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom💗

Good Morning everyone HAPPY MONDAY💜.

Its that time again to begin the new week just how you want it. Its a brand new week to start fresh, eat healthy, work out💪. This week do all the things you could not do last week. Be nice to others who are not nice to you. Smile more😀. Laugh more 😂. Think positive this week do not allow negative thoughts to even enter your mind. Remember you are way stronger than you will ever realize.

This week I pledge that I will do all the things in my planner on that day and not push it to another day. I have a lot of things going on this week. Senior photos with cap and gown(finalllyyyyyy 😍😍😍). Dentist appointment (I do not like having my teeth prodded lol, who does right?). Working both jobs this week. I have laundry ( I miss the days where my mom just use to pick it up and do it for me, those were the days). I also have a date, its been so long since I went out on a date with a guy that I am so nervous. I usually just hang with my guys friends and watch stars wars or something. This is an actually date where I have to wear a dress.  But in the forefront of my mind I will be happy, I will think positive thoughts.  No one will take my shine. I will laugh and smile more.

So going forth in the new week remember those words from above. Be happy this week💗.

XOXO EbonyMonae😘


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