Enjoying Yourself, Friday

It’s Friday, It’s Friday😎😍

Wow this week went by so fast. Can’t believe it’s Friday. I hope everyone week has been well. I also hope everyone has done everything they set there mind to! I know I have.

Since it’s Friday and I have nothing planned I decided to peg this day EbonyMonae Day. This is my day to relax and just do things I have not done in a while like seeing a movie by myself in my pjs at the theater. I will be getting my car washed. I am going to work out and maybe take a nap.

For dinner tonight I will be making me some dinner in my brand new wok( I am obsessed with learning to cook Chinese food). I will be renting movies from RedBox. Those things come in handy, but I do miss Blockbusters or Hollywood Videos(who remembers that?)

Hope everyone has a great Friday. I know Friday’s are hectic at people’s job but remember too have patience with others and look on the bright side because the weekend begins in a couple of hours. Everyone enjoy your Friday😝

XoXo EbonyMonae💗💗


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