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Spirit Month 😋!!


I can’t believe that its the third month in the new year. Time is flying by quickly it seems. With that being said lets remember our promises we made to ourselves in the beginning of the new year. As I mentioned before every month I will do something different or something for me to work on. This month its SPIRIT month. I remember when I was in high school and for a whole week we did different activities such as pajama day, mix match day, where your favorite color day. I want to try to do something like this once a week for the whole month.

I searched for different Ideas. This week its International Pancake Day. So I was thinking of eating nothing put Pancakes on Wednesday. IHOP has them for free all day long. So I am trying to eat for FREE. The calories in those things will be astronomical. With that beginning said I have recommitted myself to working out more this month and doing more cardio. I do not know how I will fit it in my schedule but I will somehow.

I also want to do an 80’s themed day. I will wear 80’s clothing plus listen to nothing but music for that period (ohh gosh).  I want to wear my favorite color one week, from head to toe everything has to be purple even my underthings. Show my school pride day where I wear all things Panther Pride(great day for me to get those things since I’m graduating and I don’t have them). I have so many ideas, maybe an pajama day too.

I have not decided how I want to go about doing this either I will post everyday that I do it or I will post at the end of the month with pictures and some descprition about that day.

It is the beginning of a new month. Lets be grateful we are living. Lets LOVE MORE this month. Be kind to others. Lets go forth in this month and do the things we are afraid to do. Lets have an amazing month because we are amazing people.

xOxO EbonyMonae


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