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The Beauty Within

While out with with some friends last week I overheard a guy say to his friend “why are you talking to her she’s so ugly”. I waited to hear his response but he did not say anything in defense of her or himself. I turned to look at his face and he seemed embarrassed or even ashamed. 

This really upset me because a lot of people look at the surface instead of delving deeper. As a girl and even a young woman I still struggle with self image. Self acceptance is a major obstacle in my life. Growing up my mother would constantly put down my looks or my intellect basically anything that she didn’t like. 

I did not know this guy or the woman. But hearing that really made me think about if someone said that about me. It angers me because so many look at the appearance of a person. What truly matters is what is on the inside. This girl could really have a good heart yet he chooses to look at her outside appearance. I understand everyone is attracted to different things.

To all the people that suffer from self image know that true beauty comes from within. If the beauty that lies within matches the outside then you are truly beautiful. Don’t let others make you feel anything less than beautiful because how they see you should never matter. Take it from a young woman who is traveling this journey. 

What is truly ugly is others that seem the need to place looks above everything else. My nana use to say “just because it glitters, doesn’t mean it’s gold”. I truly believe in that statement. 

💜XoXo EbonyMonae💜 


Remember true beauty will always come from withing😘

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