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I Am Ready When I Am Ready !

Last week was an emotional week for me, as I turned 25 in October it has been on everyone’s mind to tell me it is time to get married and have children. I always just tell people that I want to be married first before I have any children. Since my little sister is pregnant and my older brothers girlfriend is as well (they are due 3 weeks apart), it has been on everyones mind to tell me to start reproducing. All my siblings have children now.  My mom is down my neck about spending time with my kids before she dies as it was her birthday last week and it really put it home for her that she is getting older. As my other friends are getting married and or engaged I have other family telling me that its time to get married. It just really put me down because I felt no one respected my choice to not have kids yet or that I will not marry just anyone. I saw this quote on Pinterest and it really spoke to my spirit.

After looking at the quote for sometime I let everyone know that you may not to have agree with my methods but you will respect it and then I proceeded to tell people how I really felt. One of my wishes before having children would be to get married and get established with myself. Raising a child is hard work and it requires two parent team. I do not just want to have a child by some guy that I know who won’t be a good father to my child and that is what I really want in my child’s life is a good man. I am still on a journey to self discovery. By finding who I am and loving me I whole heartedly believe that I will become a better parent and wife in the long run. I love the last part of the quote “Give Birth To Yourself” that is so powerful to me. I can’t in good conscious create another life but I can give birth to someone I am proud of and hopefully my future children. 

To all the young men and woman that may be going through something similar in your life DO NOT let anyone pressure you to do something you do not want to do. Understand that it is your life and others should respect your choices on what to do with it. As I sit down and write this I feel 100% better that I know that I made the right choice in my life to not have children at this point and not marry someone who is not good for me or makes me happy.  Life is short do what you want to do live your life because it can be gone in a minute. 

 xOxO EbonyMonae xOxO 


 Give Birth to the person YOU are most happy with<3!!


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