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Hello Everyone its APRIL!

This morning while working out I actually heard birds chirping in my complex. April really means spring to me even if it began in the month of March. So this month I have so much in store for myself I am so excited.

I am almost done with this semester THANK YOU JESUS. I just was so lazy this semester, well I am every semester but this one takes the cake. I have my friends baby shower coming up that I helped plan and will help decorate. I am the worst at these things because I am so not the artsy type but I really surprised myself this time, I guess you can blame Pinterest. Some good books are coming out( ALWAYS a book nerd), AGE OF ULTRON is coming to the big screen, ohh yea I have been waiting three years for this movie. It is the last one to be directed by Joss Whedon as he will not be doing the last movie in 2017(a little bummed as he is an amazing director).

I have started my Fit Journal from Blogilates. In this Fit Journal its 12 weeks of working out and eating clean. Last month I really bombed my workouts and meal prep. This month I plan to do better than last month and really work hard. I want to be healthy and fit and feel comfortable in my own skin. For so long I did not like how my body looked and always complained, but I need to shut my mouth and work the hell out, that is what I want to accomplish this month.

I hope everyone has a productive month of April. If you have to spring clean do it give away the things that you no longer use. Clean the clutter from your house and LIFE. If a person is not doing anything to help you or make you grow as an person throw there ass right out with the the things you no longer need because its all about a better and stronger you.

XoXo EbonyMonaeXoXo


HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!! (hope you get into some mischief like I shall be doing today)


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