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💖Time is Precious 💖


Good Morning, hope your Monday is off to a good start. I saw this picture and I loved it. Most mornings we dread getting up wanting that one more hour of sleep, but time is precious so let’s take the time to enjoy. Instead of staying in a few minutes extra wake up instead and look at the sun rise with a nice cup of tea reflect on the day you want to have, be positive, be uplifting to others, be that voice of reason to someone. 

86,400 seconds in a day, so why not make everyday a great day? Why not do the things you wish you could do? I encourage all of us to do the things we have been putting off. We are credited each new day, so let’s but that credit to good use. 

💗XoXo EbonyMonae XoXo💗


Enjoy life before it’s gone, someone of us don’t get get too.

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