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Book Review Making Faces by Amy Harmon 

This book was more than five stars it was a 10 star book. I felt the characters pain, it was that intense of a book. I came across this book while I was looking for another book and I was immediately HOOKED. I could not put it down. I was moved by the authors words. I first I was thinking its going to be another Beauty and the Beast type of thing, but this book was so much more, held so much more. We have Fern, Ambrose the two main characters but we also have sweet Bailey (he was my favorite, I liked his take on life). Fern forever thought she was ugly just from overhearing one statement as a little girl and that forever changed her life. It goes to show you how much words can change your life. She really was beautifully on the inside and outside she just had to finally notice that for herself. Then we have Ambrose, he was the star of their little town. He was what people asked for in a hero. Then he goes off to war and watched his friends die. I liked how she wrote about him struggling with their deaths. It gave the book more depth. I think most readers can relate to what she was portraying with what both characters were going through.

The only thing that made me upset was Rita. I wanted more from her character, your friend died and it was time you stood up for yourself instead of running. She really pissed me off with that.

Great Book. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it!!

Happy Reading!!

XOxo EbonyMonae xoXO

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