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🔥Slow Dancing in Burning Room🔥

The words of this song just speaks to me. When you love someone even when you know that person is not for. Even when you know that there is someone out there so much better than them. Even when you know that relationship is doomed from the start. Your heart just wants what your heart wants. After all the tears and the pain you know you LOVE yourself more this time around. I find myself picking up the phone wanting to call you to see how your doing more than anything. I find myself just day dreaming about us what could have been.  The hardest thing I had to do was walk away from something that I knew was not for me. People reading this is probably like she is crazy that is the easiest thing. But it is not, not when you loved someone with all your heart and soul. Not when you gave your all and all your firsts to this person. Not when you fought so hard to be together. The heart is a funny organism it plays tricks on you. It loves the people who are not good for us but it does not love the ones are the best for us. Too all those that left because you knew that you were slow dancing in a burning in a room, this post is for you. Too finding new love, too finding yourself, too living a life free of tears THIS BLOG POST IS FOR US.

💜💜 EbonyMonae 💜💜

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💜Finding My True Colors 💜


I love this quote it is so inspiring. If we give it much thought we are like butterflies. We grow and change throughout life. Certain things in life help shape the person we are. I love how it states “….finding my true colors in life”. That’s what I am doing. Finding who I am in life, finding what I want out of life, finding my colors. Since purple is my favorite color I hope My color is filled with vibrant shades of purple💜 . 

Yesterday I had to take a seat and really think about what I want in life. I recently connected with an ex. He was my first love, my first everything and I love him deeply. He is finally the man that I knew he could be and I was happy that he grew up. We started to talk and get to know the person we are today. Slowly I found myself becoming a person I am not to appease him and do things that I don’t do. Yesterday I cut all ties because the person I am becoming is not the person or woman he wants. I am a free spirit and you can’t cage me. I love the person I am becoming. He was trying to change my life choices and decisions to become someone that suited him. It took me awhile to undertand that I am not who he wants. He doesn’t like the whole package he likes the outer appearance but not the inner beauty. I want a man that loves the WHOLE package. 

So while telling him this, I felt FREE. I found my wings and let him know that he is not for me because the person I am today is not the person who I use to be. I am no longer that nineteen year old who would have followed you too the end of earth. I am now a woman that is strong in her choices and her faith in herself. I love you but I love myself more. 

I am flying and being on my way hoping that God puts a man in my life that’s an image of him. That knows my heart and accepts and loves my whole package. I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. 

No woman should change who they are for a man. No man should change who they are for female. If you love the person you are then they should accept who you are. Love them for them. As mentioned on Monday life is too short to be anything but what makes you happy. A person that your are proud of. 

I hope this post finds you in place like I was and the words help you find your true colors💜. 

💜EbonyMonae 💜 


Be who you want to be, BE YOU💜

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💕Life Is So Precious 💕

Yesterday I got to witness how life can be so precious. My good friend gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. Looking at him I saw a life that held so many possibilities. A life that had the power to become anyone he chose too. I teared up thinking that I was going to be part of that life and that I could see him become something great. 

Watching him it also made me think how short and  precious life really is.  We as humans get only one life to live to become great and to become anything we shall choose.  No matter how old we are we should live life to the fullest that we can and expunge those that see fit to tear us down and hurt us because if they truly loved us they would remind us how beautiful and wonderful we are everyday. 

As the month of May begins let’s all remember that above and take in account that we have been blessed to begin another month. As May flowers come to full bloom let it remind us that life is beautiful and that we have the potential to be beautiful as well.  

xOxO EbonyMonae xOxO