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💕Life Is So Precious 💕

Yesterday I got to witness how life can be so precious. My good friend gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. Looking at him I saw a life that held so many possibilities. A life that had the power to become anyone he chose too. I teared up thinking that I was going to be part of that life and that I could see him become something great. 

Watching him it also made me think how short and  precious life really is.  We as humans get only one life to live to become great and to become anything we shall choose.  No matter how old we are we should live life to the fullest that we can and expunge those that see fit to tear us down and hurt us because if they truly loved us they would remind us how beautiful and wonderful we are everyday. 

As the month of May begins let’s all remember that above and take in account that we have been blessed to begin another month. As May flowers come to full bloom let it remind us that life is beautiful and that we have the potential to be beautiful as well.  

xOxO EbonyMonae xOxO




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