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🔥Slow Dancing in Burning Room🔥

The words of this song just speaks to me. When you love someone even when you know that person is not for. Even when you know that there is someone out there so much better than them. Even when you know that relationship is doomed from the start. Your heart just wants what your heart wants. After all the tears and the pain you know you LOVE yourself more this time around. I find myself picking up the phone wanting to call you to see how your doing more than anything. I find myself just day dreaming about us what could have been.  The hardest thing I had to do was walk away from something that I knew was not for me. People reading this is probably like she is crazy that is the easiest thing. But it is not, not when you loved someone with all your heart and soul. Not when you gave your all and all your firsts to this person. Not when you fought so hard to be together. The heart is a funny organism it plays tricks on you. It loves the people who are not good for us but it does not love the ones are the best for us. Too all those that left because you knew that you were slow dancing in a burning in a room, this post is for you. Too finding new love, too finding yourself, too living a life free of tears THIS BLOG POST IS FOR US.

💜💜 EbonyMonae 💜💜

4 thoughts on “🔥Slow Dancing in Burning Room🔥”

  1. I just recently went through a break up and this definitely hit home. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for this post!!! ❤️ amazing!

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      1. You are very strong for walking away! I know it’s one of the hardest things to do but hang in there!!! Keep writing your feeling out! ❤ time heals all!

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