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I’m Coming For It!!

All my life people made me feel like because I was adopted and my biological mother was on drugs and had her parental rights terminated that I would turn out to be just like her. Always hearing that saying “The apple don’t fall far from the tree.” How I use to hate that statement. It use to bother me something fierce growing up. Still does for that matter. 

I never understood why people thought it’s was okay to tear someone down instead of lifting them up. With my biological mother being that way didn’t mean I was going to be that way. A quote from a favorite poem ” I am her daughter but I am not her choices.” I make my own choices and the burden of her life choices should not be mines to bear. Life has a funny way of proving those type of people wrong. 

But today I stand on my on two feet because of the grace of God. I am drug free, I am a hard worker. I attend school full time while holding down two jobs. 

This post is for the people that made me feel like my dreams didn’t matter. That I was going to be another statistic. Your ignorance drove me to be the person I am today. Everything you said I couldn’t have I am coming for it. Just watch me shine because it’s going to be so bright it just might be blinded by it ✨✨✨🌟🌟. 

😍😍 EbonyMonae😍😍


Don’t let people stop your shine my lovelies. If there is something you want, go for it because it will kill them more to know that your COMING FOR/GOT IT💜


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