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Patiently Waiting for my Love Story💗

 Sometimes I forget about the true meaning of being patient!  
I am so glad I came across this on my Pinterest board. I will be turning twenty-six on my birthday in October. With all my friends starting to settle down; I will admit it reminds me how lonely I am. Especially when all your siblings have children and your moms (my best friends mom and my own mother) start to give you the it’s time to settle down talk. Those conversations makes me realize how alone I am. How I would love to be in a relationship again. Even though I would like to be in a relationship I Will NOT SETTLE! 

 I want to be in a relationship that is based on love, honesty and trust something I never had in any of my past relationships. But seeing this made me take a step back and look at my life and see where I am. My nana use to say “God has plan for everything in your life”  and she is correct I just have to be patient there is something he wants me to learn before he can present me with the man that can awaken my heart and break down the walls surrounding it. I will thank god when he does because I will know that man will be the a true gift from God! 

Sometimes in life we have to take a step back from the things we don’t won’t so God can direct us towards the things that we should HAVE. 

Patiently Waiting,

Ebony Monae💜


Don’t loose hope and just settle, someone will come along and sweep you off your feet💜


7 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting for my Love Story💗”

  1. I love this!

    I read an article not too long ago that basically said, “Women, stop waiting on God to fix your love life, and get out there and be an active participant in your own life.”

    Wise words…of a sort. But if we would stop and think about every time we put ‘self’ in charge, we’d see that all the bad choices, lapses in good judgement, and heartbreak could have been avoided if we had not been so determined to have it our way.

    You’re on a great path. Keep striving to be the best ‘you’ you can be…and never settle. God’s got this.

    Many thanks for your visits by my place. 😀

    Much respect.

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  2. Good for you to not settle! I’ve seen so many women around me settle just because they want to avoid the loneliness that comes with being single. I say that it’s better to be by yourself and find yourself, rather than creating an identity with someone else. Travel, learn something, do whatever. I sincerely wish for your happiness!

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