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Happy Monday (MCM)



Just some Monday humor, but damnnnnnn. Lol I deff would of been like that , but totally forgot to call them back cuz I would of been watching him the whole damn time. 

😏Ebonymonae 😏


26 thoughts on “Happy Monday (MCM)”

      1. That’s the truth. Currently that’s the only reason I watch Arrow, because that show has gone so far downhill. But Stephen Amell is enough lol

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      2. I know your so right I use to LOVE ARROW, but now its not the same. Everyone is like fighting crime now. I just want some regular people on the show. The flash is not that bad either. Barry is kind of cute. I love dorky guys. Any new show that you like to watch?

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      3. Thank you! I thought I was the only one annoyed to hell with that show. Like EVERYONE is a hero after like two lessons? I don’t think so, even Oliver is less appealing and Diggle is irking.

        I LOVE the Flash it’s so fun and exciting, plus Barry is the cutest thing ever! Hmm..I watch Sleepy Hollow, Minority Report, Lost Girl (although that’s not new), Supernatural, Humans, Defiance, Hell on Wheels, Dominion, Banshee, Orphan Black, Mr. Robot, The Strain, Poldark, Grimm, TWD, GoT, and more. Lol I know that’s a lot. What about you?

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      4. Yes your so right. Diggle get over it already you already know how Oliver works, he ALWAYS thinks he is helping someone but in the end they always get mad at him. I would be like fuck it then I am not helping you guys no more. I love me some Sleepy Hollow, Minority Report is good most likely going to get canceled, Scandal, How to get away with Murder, Grimm, Modern Family, SVU, Heroes reborn, Empire, Rosewood, Being Mary Jane, Scorpion, Big Bang Theory, Blind Spot, Qauntico, There is probably more didn’t include my Netflix lol Looking at all these shows makes me realize I really need to get a life.

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      5. Diggle is irking my very last nerve, along with Laurel, but I’ve hated her since season one though. Oliver is just too good of a guy, even when he was killing people (which sounds really bad lol). But yeah exactly! Maybe if he stopped trying they’d appreciate him more.

        Yeeeeees! Sleepy Hollow is the show. And I do like Minority Report so I hope it doesn’t get cancelled 😦 OOh I forgot to mention Doctor Who, Sherlock, Daredevil, Sense 8, and Marco Polo. But I’ve been meaning to try some of those shows, like Blindspot.

        Haha Ikr, but since I record or watch everything online I feel like I don’t watch too much tv….but yeah a life is really needed.

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      6. Yess I never liked her. Oliver is a hoe cuz he deff had sex with both sisters. And Diggle def acting like Oliver raped him like get over it your alive. Do you watch the Sherlock on BBC or NBC cuz they have he elementary one I love that show. But I love Sherlock so I have watched both of those versions. Lol I’m the same way HULU is my husband.

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      7. I think most people are anti-Laurel lol. Oliver really is but somehow you still love him, especially when everyone treats him like trash. OMG Thank you! Diggle is being such a baby. If his wife can let it go he needs to also. And I’ve never seen the American version, only the BBC version. I thought the US version got cancelled. I may give that now that IK it’s not. Haha that’s too funny!

        Tonight is the night of the Bones & Sleepy Hollow crossover! I know it’ll never happen but, A Grimm & Sleepy Hollow & Supernatural Crossover would be awesome.

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      8. I love Oliver so everyone else can fuck off lol. Elementary is the US version its on Hulu if you have it. Its so good I love it. Its more edgier to me. I love all things Sherlock Holmes. Oh yes the crossover was good. Bones was looking at Icabod like he has grown five heads but whats funny is that is how people look at bones. I really don’t like how they made Booth and Bones get together. Grimm was good this weekend, did you catch the show. Juliette was really getting on my damn nerves last season.

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      9. Lol IKR. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of it I just didn’t want to watch it because I thought it was getting cancelled, but now that I know it’s not I’ll probably give it ago; but is Sherlock anything like Benedict Cumberbatch’s version?

        Yes, I loved it! Bones vs Ichabod in strangeness cannot be compared lol. I used to watch Bones all the time but the newer seasons are just sub-par, and I agree it’s like one season they weren’t together and then BOOM she’s pregnant and they’re getting married…like WTF.

        I looooove Grimm! Nick is too gorgeous and the story is so fun. The funny thing is I hated Juliette’s character since season 1, she reminded me of a Katrina (Sleepy Hollow). Just pointless. But she definitely annoyed me on the last season.

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      10. Idk they both are great actors and they do justice to Sherlock great name I will say. Ugh I hated that on bones, I really wanted to see her with a like minded person like herself or with a person that’s normal lol. And yesss nick is so damn cute. I actually liked Katrina until she went all dark and shit. Her character was useless after the killed the monster.

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      11. I watched a few episodes and I’m glad they made them completely different, despite being the same character. And I like the twist of Joan instead of John. It’s good so far. Lol ditto, although I looved Booth (especially since he was Angel).

        LOL Really?? I felt like they were giving her waaaay too much screen time. Sort of replacing Abbie a bit. I mean it was about the Witnesses not the Katrina and Ichabod show. But she had her moments 🙂 Did you like Hawley last season?

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      12. LOVED HAWLEY he was so damn cute and his shirtless scenes on yes. Damn I really need to get out more. Yes this season I love how its about them too more and Ichabod adjusting to this life but still apart of his old life with his clothes and mannerisms.

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      13. Yeah I want them to bring back Hawley but I don’t think they are. Lance Gross has been good so far though and he’s very nice to look at. But yeah I agree. This season is really good so far. And Ichabod and Abby are kicking major ass. I don’t trust Ichabod’s new girlfriend though. She’s too perfect for him.

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      14. Moment of silence for Hawley fine sculpted chest lol. Yes they are kicking not ass this season. I wonder what the hell Pandora is? I’m thinking Medusa. And her sister what the hell was that she’s turning into. I think her and Corbin’s son are going to get together. Lance Cross is not really doing it for me.

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      15. Lmao @ Hawley’s chest! Yeah I’m trying to figure out Pandora’s plans but I really trying to figure it out. And Oh yeah! Her turning with that stone is freaky, and that premonition. But her and cobin’s son is definitely going to happen. Lol why not? I’m not into him and abby though, that’s just boring.

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      16. Yeah they are and I’m sooooo bored with it. They should give Abby somebody, but then again I like how they’re letting her not be defined by a male character. It’s funny but I don’t want Abby and Ichabod together, that’s what ruined Bones.

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      17. That’s true, but most IR relationships crash and burn on television for some reason. Plus I think they’re just sooo good as friends. Kind of like the Doctor and Donna. But I do think they’re gonna let them get together. When Angela said they were like Booth & Brennan. But I think it’s gonna be like Oliver and Felicity. They’re gonna make us wait.

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      18. Yeah, she needs to go. But OMG yes I’m so glad they let go of that wig. Both of them are rockin the short cut. I was so happy on season 3 opener and saw his hair.


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