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Happy Birthday to Me💜

I  turned twenty-six on Sunday October 25th. First and foremost I want to thank the Lord for blessing me with another year on this earth. With all my health problems this past year I didn’t know if I would make it this far.

Twenty-six years ago my biological mother gave birth to me on Wednesday October 25th at 7:28am. Six years later I was placed in a foster home and adopted a year later. As I do every year I wonder if you think of me on this day. The little girl your gave life too. I wonder do you think about the person I have become? Do you think about my smile if I have yours or my fathers? Do you pray for my safe keeping? Do you think about the silly things I do?

Since I don’t know where to look for you. I want you to know a few things about me. My favorite color is purple. My greatest fear is to be alone and to be a disappointment to someone.  My greatest accomplishment in this world will never be menial things but making a difference in this world with my words or actions. I want you to know that I’m doing fine. Some days are hard, but I know I am blessed because I have great friends and family. My best friend is my rock when my world turns dark. She see’s me at my worst but always loves me just the same. I want you to know that I’m on the road to greatness. I am going to do something with my life. I will make a difference.  To know That I’m following my dreams. People have doubted that I would even make it. But I am. I want you to know that I think of you. That I wonder if I look like you. I see my niece, your grandchild and I wonder if she would ever get to meet you or to the know you.

These words of mines most likely will never reach your eyes, but these words come from my heart. My final words to you are I Forgive You. 

Forever your little girl, 



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