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WBW (White Boy Wednesday)

Just some Wednesday late night humor. 

MGK so damn sexy. Men with tats 😍.  He’s down with the swirl 🍦. Love his music he speaks some truth in his lyrics. 

EbonyMonae 💋

16 thoughts on “WBW (White Boy Wednesday)”

    1. Yes I love him. So jelly you seen him in concert because I was going to go to one but I just had surgery I couldn’t make it. I think he is down to earth and one of the realist artists I know. He speaks such truth with his lyrics. And he’s fine as hell lol. Lol yesssssssss

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  1. Oh no I didn’t see him in concert, I’m too young (gotta be 21 most places) but they have them up on YouTube sometimes. He really knows how to pump-up a crowd. Great entertainer. His music is great too, I haven’t listened to his new stuff because I’ve been obsessed with folk music lately, but most importantly he gorgeous! Too skinny for me, but still hot. And yes he and Jax have that same style, but Charlie Hunnam is still my favorite outlaw lol.

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    1. I think most places are 18 unless he plays in like a bar and yes he does. Folk music what is that? Is that like with an banjo? I’m a thick girl but I LOVEEEE skinny and tall guys. Charlie Hunnam ohh yes with his accent he can melt anyones panties off I swear. I really can’t wait to see his new movie Robin Hood. Quick question can you see my profile picture?

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      1. Really!?!?!? I need to go to one then. He performed with Limp Bizkit once and it was like magic. Lol no not really, it’s like The Civil Wars, Tracy Chapman, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, etc.

        But really? lol I’m into big guys, not fat but just lumberjack like. Jason Momoa. And OMG yes!! Charlie Hunnam is just too…(no words). When does that come out? & no I can’t see your profile picture.

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      2. Yeah me too! Him with those locs were AMAZING (on Stargate Atlantis) . & I lost some of my love of GoT after that. I mean he was so great! Oh I’ll be going to see that, and Tom Hiddelston as King Arthur who is always just phenomenal. Plus Momoa as Aquaman.

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      3. Omg Aquaman can’t freaking wait for it to come out. And yea me to after the Jon snow dies I’m like fuck this shit. Lol Tom Hiddleston is such a gentleman. Swoon worry and a hottie. Hated him as Loki lol I don’t like him as a bad guy.

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  2. Yeah, it’s going to be amazing! That poster is sizzling. Yeah, of course he’s not really dead though…I keep telling myself. Lol but I read some article that he’s going to marry kaleesi because his mother was royalty or something. But yeah, Martin is a serious dick for killing of his characters like he does…except Geoffrey…that was needed. & YEES that’s the word! He’s a gentlemen. Perfect description. Loki made me love the bad guy more than the heroes. Lol I’m so ashamed.

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      1. Yeah, Chris Evans is just dreamy lol his hotness is indescribable. But I don’t know there’s just something about Loki. You’re right though. Seeing these movies on the big screen is a treat. Especially the new Jessica Jones series coming out. She’s badass!

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      2. Yes if I can meet a Chris in my life I would be complete. Lol to be honest I haven’t seen it yet. I heard it looks good and everyone can’t wait for it to come out. I love female that are bad ass we deff need more roles like that!

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