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Monday Motivation 

Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to give you guys some motivation for this week. It’s Thanksgiving week, ohh yea(I can taste the pumpkin pie) (since I’m on Weight Watchers it will be the smallest peice but I can’t wait). I just wanted to wish everyone an incredible week. Life is to short so everyone lets make the best of it. Let go of the petty stuff that holds you back. Forgive those who have hurt you. Love yourself. Do whatever makes you happy! Do not let anyone steal your joy this week. Remember you have the reigns to your life, so make it incredibly💖💖! 

xoXo Ebony Monae Xoxo😘

Do not let anyone or thing stop you from having a incredible week. 

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NOVEMBER 9 Review!!

To all my book lovers it has been a long time since I have did a book review. Last week Colleen Hoover released November 9. I was in Colleen Hoover frenzy last week. LAST WEEK was pretty damn awesome week if I say so myself.  I will write the review then tell you about my awesome week (it all ties in I swear).

Without Further Adieu,

I AM IN LOVE WITH NOVEMBER 9. Colleen you have done it again. I go through so many emotions reading your books. November 9 was a deep read. One minute I am laughing, smiling then I am angry, crying and then back to laughing. It is most defiantly a emotional roller coaster. The twist and turns keep the reader interested.

When you find love, you take it. You grab it with both hands and you do everything in your power not to let it go. You can’t just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you’re ready for it.” 
― Colleen HooverNovember 9

This book you had Benton and Fallon. One who wore her scars for the world to see and the other whose scars you couldn’t see. November 9th was a day that neither one would forget. It changed their lives in more ways then they can ever imagine. The beauty of this day was meeting each other and giving it a different meaning. With pain comes healing. They both had to heal from the traumatic events from November 9th. They both had to forgive each other. I think thats the hardest thing to do is forgive someone. I love how you made their love story different. Most books they fall in love over time because they are around each other, here they fall in love by meeting each other on one day every year for four years.

Colleen your an amazing writer. Your words move a person. They speak and inspire me. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt book. Thanks for giving your readers the true meaning of love or “insta love”.

Happy Reading!!!

Guys I literally did the ugly cry when reading this book and my friend has the videos to prove it (no I am not posting it, its UGLY). On a serious matter this book was an amazing read. Colleen writes about things a person would never think could happen. She makes you believe in love again. My heart has been broken to many times and I personally gave up on love. I was destined to be the cat lady.  Thank you Colleen for making me believe in love again.

SO HERE IS MY SURPRISE Drum roll please.

I got to meet COLLEEN HOOVER AND SHE SIGNED MY BOOK. It was an amazing day. My best friend and I got to meet her (Thats my best friend, thats my best friend). Colleen is funny as hell. I am so happy to got the chance to meet her. The audience got to ask her questions and she answered them.  This was my first book signing and it won’t be my last.

See you waited and now you got to read about about my amazing day.

Forever a Book Lover,










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I stand With University of Missouri! 

The University of Missouri did an amazing thing this weekend and today. They stood together for great change. There were no riots. It was an peaceful protest. They student body wanted change after years and years of its black student body facing discrimination and prejudice. 

When you bring attention of these incidents to someone that’s in charge of your school and they turn a blind eye? Basically he is saying that I don’t care about your problems but let me sit behind a desk and collect a six figure salary. With great power comes great change to make a difference and Tim Wolfe you did not do that. You let your students and faculty down. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

I congratulate these students on standing as one for a cause. I congratulate the football team for risking there own scholarships to stand up for what’s right. I congratulate the football coaches and administration for backing their students in this. 

Personally on my campus I have never experienced that, I have even noticed more black students on campus since I have started attending in 2012. 

Standing with Missouri University, 



In life we are always going to be faced with racism and prejudice but it’s how we handle it and stand up for others that truly show a persons character. NEVER step aside, ALWAYS step up. 

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It’s WCM (and you know what that MEANS)

My WCM IS CHRIS EVANS!! Ladies lets just take a moment of silence for this down to earth gentleman. A man after my very own heart. I posted a picture of an article he was in by Cosmo Online. Sheesh what a great guy. And he’s CAPTAIN AMERICA 😍😍

Fangirling to the Extreme, 



Good lord those pecks😍

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Late Night Lovers Advice 

This is what every girl should want in a boyfriend or husband or vice versus in a girlfriend or wife. Just listening to that persons heartbeat as it puts you to sleep, feeling loved and cherished in someone’s arms. 

If your relationship doesn’t have this than hunny your selling yourself short. It’s the small moments like this that we fall in love with that person more. Some my might say sex is the most intimate; to me it’s the stolen moments like this that are the most intimate  and beautiful. You feel like you have become one with that person. It’s just you guys in your own little world💜

Cuddling with my Teddy🐻 



Don’t sell yourself short in any relationship! If they don’t see what an amazing person your are then cut them loose. More 🐟 in the sea😍

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🍁New Month, Be Awesome 🍂

Hey guys it’s November! Sheesh it seems that time is just going so fast nowadays. Well I hope we all had a great month of October. November, November what do I hope to gain from you this month? Hmmm let’s see, I just want to be happy and be in good health. Last November I suffered from a lot of health problems. Even though my health problems are constantly on my mind I won’t bring them to the forefront. 

With that being said, I know my month is going to be awesome. I am still on Weight Watchers so hopefully I will continue to loose  some weight. I am in school working on my thesis (Lord give me strength) I am not going to let that get to me. So here’s to a awesome November may we be productive, happy, kind and always, always be ourselves 💖💖💖💖

Love Always

💕EbonyMonae 💕 


For us single ladies and gentleman lets go on some dates or meet new people. Love is in the air💋