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🍁New Month, Be Awesome 🍂

Hey guys it’s November! Sheesh it seems that time is just going so fast nowadays. Well I hope we all had a great month of October. November, November what do I hope to gain from you this month? Hmmm let’s see, I just want to be happy and be in good health. Last November I suffered from a lot of health problems. Even though my health problems are constantly on my mind I won’t bring them to the forefront. 

With that being said, I know my month is going to be awesome. I am still on Weight Watchers so hopefully I will continue to loose  some weight. I am in school working on my thesis (Lord give me strength) I am not going to let that get to me. So here’s to a awesome November may we be productive, happy, kind and always, always be ourselves 💖💖💖💖

Love Always

💕EbonyMonae 💕 


For us single ladies and gentleman lets go on some dates or meet new people. Love is in the air💋


8 thoughts on “🍁New Month, Be Awesome 🍂”

      1. I love the winter too because it’s a great time to read. That’s cool! I’ve been trying to make a banner but have zero artistic skills, and finding someone to make it has been hard. But yeah, it’s crazy your picture doesn’t show. I had to do it on the site and my actual account. Maybe that will work.

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      2. Oh cool! I have to check that out. And yeah you have to upload it from gravatar for it to show. It’s really stupid. I went to the circle next to the notifications box and clicked on my pic and it says update. Yours should be empty. If that doesn’t work I’d contact wordpress so they can fix that.

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