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I stand With University of Missouri! 

The University of Missouri did an amazing thing this weekend and today. They stood together for great change. There were no riots. It was an peaceful protest. They student body wanted change after years and years of its black student body facing discrimination and prejudice. 

When you bring attention of these incidents to someone that’s in charge of your school and they turn a blind eye? Basically he is saying that I don’t care about your problems but let me sit behind a desk and collect a six figure salary. With great power comes great change to make a difference and Tim Wolfe you did not do that. You let your students and faculty down. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

I congratulate these students on standing as one for a cause. I congratulate the football team for risking there own scholarships to stand up for what’s right. I congratulate the football coaches and administration for backing their students in this. 

Personally on my campus I have never experienced that, I have even noticed more black students on campus since I have started attending in 2012. 

Standing with Missouri University, 



In life we are always going to be faced with racism and prejudice but it’s how we handle it and stand up for others that truly show a persons character. NEVER step aside, ALWAYS step up. 

2 thoughts on “I stand With University of Missouri! ”

    1. It is, I believe it’s something that will never go away. People will always judge someone based on there skin instead of what’s on the inside. But I have faith that people will stand up to indifference and raise there voices. On tentative issues we can not be silent. On your blog you posted about being a convicted felon you also get your fair share of discrimination as well I would imagine.

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