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It’s WCM (and you know what that MEANS)

My WCM IS CHRIS EVANS!! Ladies lets just take a moment of silence for this down to earth gentleman. A man after my very own heart. I posted a picture of an article he was in by Cosmo Online. Sheesh what a great guy. And he’s CAPTAIN AMERICA 😍😍

Fangirling to the Extreme, 



Good lord those pecks😍


6 thoughts on “It’s WCM (and you know what that MEANS)”

    1. He is a sexual man for reallzz, and yes that beard tho, I love a guy with a little bit but not to much. I was fangirling and I read some articles with him in it and he’s seems like a real down to earth guy. Where are men like that? THEY DON’T EXIST, well not by me anyways.

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      1. Lol I like beards, like full ones but his fits his face so well. But you’re so right. They don’t exist in real life or, like you said, in my life. Why does hollywood always get the good ones (Coming to America)!

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      2. Haha my family uses movie lines all day. Our convos are like a code to most people…unless you’ve seen a bunch of movies, of course. But that’s a shame lmao Flavor flavs sons must look like him if you use that reference. And deadbeats are THE worst.

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