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It’s December ☃❄️🎅🏾

Guys I am three days  late but HAPPY DECEMBER 🎅🏾. I love the month of December, it’s a time to really be thankful for all you have and the people in your life. I know we should be thankful everyday for these things but I feel like this month really makes you aware of all your thankful for. 

It’s almost the end of the year. Let’s makes it a wonderful month. Let’s do the things we have been promising ourselves to do but haven’t done it yet. Let’s ask that guy/girl you have been eyeing on a date. Let’s stick to our diets and end the year strong. Let go of the fear and have courage to do these things fear had held us back from doing. 

xoxo EbonyMonae 💜💜


Enjoy this month make it the best! Let’s  go out with a bang! 


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