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📖One Step at a Time (Update)📖

It’s been so long since I have updated you guys on my book I am writing. I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that I had started writing this book. I have a few more chapters then it will be completed. 

For the record writing a book is hard work. You have all these ideas in your head and when you get it down on paper it just doesn’t sound right. Then you have these moments were you can picture a scene so clearly and write about it so beautifully you shock yourself. 

I’m so happy I took the leap and started writing. It was something I wanted to do with my best friend as she loves books just as much as I do, but it wasn’t something she wanted to do. I knew in my heart it was something that I needed to do. 

I’m so glad I did do it. My story has gotten a lot of love from people all over the world. I have received some great feedback. It has motivated me to finish the book. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. I’m glad I did. 

Thank you to my best friend for reading my book, for taking the time to edit and guide me I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you unyielding belief in me. Thank you to the readers who have taken time out to vote, comment and read my words. To an a writer it means the world. 

If your interested in my story you can find it on My username is Geekchick1998. My story is called One Step at a Time. Let me know what you think. I will greatly appreciate it. 

Following her dreams, 

Ebony Monae


Never stop doing the things that brings you joy💜


8 thoughts on “📖One Step at a Time (Update)📖”

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from! I’ve been “writing” a book for like 7 years, but this is the first year I’m taking it seriously. But congratulations on finishing your book!!! Are you planning on publishing it ?

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      1. Hmmm, I think so, but it’s been like…3 years since I’ve used it (that’s a guess-tamation ). My books about two people in the music industry both just troubled by their past. I’d love to just sell my book idea to someone and not have to do the leg (or finger) work. What’s your book about? I rooting for you! It’s always amazing to accomplish something, especially s taxing as a book.

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      2. Damn that’s sounds so good. You should finish it. I believe you can sell it I just don’t know how. Mines is about a young girl trying to balance work and relationship. She’s coming of age stuff. Awe thanks I need he encouragement lol.

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      3. Lol, thank you! I’ve been trying to write it but it’s like I have all these unfinished book ideas that I haven’t even begun to write. Maybe you could help me if you have the time? & That’s sounds good, like an everyday plot that people can relate to and still see the progression of the main character. How far did you get?

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      4. Sure no problem what can I help you with? I got pretty far with developing my character I got great feed back on her from Wattpad. It’s just now I’m at a stand still. I don’t know how to end it the way I want to. I totally agree with you about all the ideas I recently wrote just a piece for my next story but I’m like damn can I finish the first book.

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      5. Haha, Exactly! But sometimes a book idea is so strong I just have to stop everything and write it down. I need help with the pacing. There are moments I think I’m babbling and others where I’ve confused myself on the timeline, and not being overly descriptive. I just activated my account (after 2 years smh) and I’m reading your book! Love Nicole Beharie, so nice choice

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      6. Oh gosh thanks so much. She’s so beautiful and strong to me that why she was I chose her for a character of mines. What I do is write it down, every word I say then I go back a day or two later to look at things with a fresh mind. Personally I don’t worry about that until I am reading to post the pacing. After editing and more editing it looks completely different. Whats your user name?


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