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💕Be Grateful For Your True Friend(s) 💕

I saw this and it made me think about my past friendships. We don’t really think of life as party but if you put some thought into it; it really is.  This quote perfectly sums it up.  Thinking of all the people I called friend through out my life. It’s the person(s) you least expect to be around that stays with you.  I personally didn’t know my best friend would be. I knew her since senior high. Thinking back I thought I would still be friends with all the girls from high school. Oh how naive and young I was. I don’t speak to any of them now. Those girls use to always talk so much smack about her but in all honesty she’s the only one with the genuine heart. 

Take a moment to text or call your friend(s). Let them know your grateful for them to be in your life. That they stood by you when your life was a mess. Don’t you agree they deserve that text? I know my friend does. She’s amazing young woman. She’s my other half. No we are not lesbians but she’s the sister I have always wanted. She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and vice versus. From family drama, to relationship drama she’s been through it all with me. Thank you Ornella 💜  you to the 🌛 and back. 

Life gets busy for everyone but when someone takes time out of there busy life to be there for you speaks volumes. 


Ebony Monae💜


We all need a friend in life. We can’t get through this world without one. 


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