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Superman Vs Batman who shall WIN? 

Tonight is the night the comic world  has been waiting for. The DC universe finally has a movie out. Can I just say I have been patiently waiting for YEARS for a DC movie. Well my wait is officially over because Superman Vs Batman Dawn of Justice premieres tonight. (I’m a Superman fan so his name always going to go first lol). This movie will bring introduce some great characters such as Aqua Man and Wonder Woman. Who has movies that are coming out in the next couple of years. Will answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind. Is Ben Affleck a good actor to play Batman? I had some reservations myself about this. Hopefully he does a great job. 

I know for a fact blogs and vlogs are going to be crazyyyyy about this movie. Can’t wait to see what some of my favorite movie blogs have to say. 

Sad part I won’t get to see it until Tuesday because get this; every theater was sold out this weekend. To all you nerds that bought tickets madddd early you suck. No I’m just hella jealous. 

An movie review will most definitely be up later next week. Now I am going to go sulk because I can’t see it this weekend. 

Supermans Wifey, 



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