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Working on ME💜

I posted this to remind everyone we are a work in PROGRESS!  We are changing everyday. We are fighting battles people no nothing about! I know that I am trying everyday to be a better person than yesterday.! Who can relate? 

To a person that’s struggling this message is for you. Change comes over time. Not in a instant!  If your working at it you will see change. I whole heartedly believe that if you put in the work change will come. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! You are not perfect no one is but if you strive to make a difference in yourself you will see change. I hope this message reaches you and encourages you! 

Much Love, 

Ebony Monae 


Don’t forget we are only human we will make mistakes! 


12 thoughts on “Working on ME💜”

      1. Lol it does! It’s very stressful. I know I’m late but I hope the party turned out well. Congratulations on graduating also!! That’s huge. What’s your degree in, if you don’t mind me asking?

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      2. Ah, okay. I learned that pinterest is boss when it comes to party planning on a budget – DIYing it lol. Congratulations! That’s wondeful 🙂

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      3. No problem! Pinterest is the best. Blogging is going better, how about you? Haha, yeah! Surprisingly I haven’t been getting disappointed by books lately. What have you been reading?

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      4. Oh cool! You have to send me the link once you start vlogging – you might be able to look at Youtube videos on iMovie! I actually did see that you hadn’t posted anything in a while. Haha, really? What’s been wrong with them? I might be able to suggest something if you want. Oh! I finally finished The Air He Breathes 🙂


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