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Bring IT! 

Happy Thursday 💜

 I love this quote above. I do not know about you but I’m far from perfect. But I can tell you I get up everyday and I work hard to be a better me. 

You know how I do this? By putting effort into growing. I put the effort into being a better person than who I was yesterday. It doesn’t have to be a big effort but something small. I will give you an example. I’m not going to lie I am one of those people that will curse you out if you drive slow, cut me off, don’t signal and and pull out in front of me just to go slow. Instead of cursing to show my frustration. I just take a second, breathe and let it go. Something as small as taking a breath helps me. I put effort into reminding myself that that’s not the type of person I want to be. 

Bring the effort to everything you want to do in your life. Please do not be one of those people that say I’m putting effort and nothing is happening, but in your heart you know your not. You won’t see change unless you work at it. In a earlier post I mentioned how we are like gardens. If we don’t water our garden it won’t grow. Think of the water as your effort. If you don’t bring the effort everyday you won’t see any change. 

If you want to become a better person. You have got to put forth the effort. 

Becoming a Better Me, 

Ebony Monae❤️ 


If you change nothing, NOTHING with change!!!


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