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Educating Ignorant People! 

I wrote a post similar to this when I first started my blog, “Being Called a White Girl When Your Very a Much Black Woman”. It saddens me that I have to write another one because people are not understanding how ignorant they are! 

I am not a “white girl”. I am a beautiful African American Woman.  I am sick and tired of black men and woman saying that I’m not.  That is an igonorant statement to make.   

STOP putting a label on me. You calling me a “white girl” makes it seems like my African American side is nonexistent. The sad part is people think it’s okay to say that to your face. Then they have the nerve to get all worked up and upset when you let them know about themselves. Don’t tell me to relax. That angers me and I’m going to call you out on it. Let’s get one thing straight; I AM A BLACK WOMAN! 

Tell me what is a black girl? What is a white girl? Society thinks that black girls snap there necks and talk uneducatedly. Whereas white girls talk very proper they say “like” a lot. News flash everyone is different. There are white girls that’s listen to hard core rap and black girls that love Taylor Swift. Doesn’t make us less of black girl or them more of a black girl. 

My friend asked me why does this bother me? Why do you care what others think? I had to think on that and reflect. I have been called that my whole life. From an early age my own ethnic group has labeled me such. It bothers me because at that young age I couldn’t say anything but now being a grown woman I can and I will. I will stick up for those other woman who has been labeled as such. 

Finally, just because I don’t act how you think a black woman should act gives you no right to say that to me. Does not give you the right to ostracize me. At the end of the day I am a Black Woman and I’m PROUD!! 

Beautiful Melanin, 

Ebony Monae 💜🙋🏾 


In life you will meet ignorant people know the difference of when to educate and when to walk away because some people will never learn. 


6 thoughts on “Educating Ignorant People! ”

  1. Amen!! This is some serious truth. I’ve been stigmatized with the “White Girl” label FOREVER, and frankly it gets really old. For me it’s how I talk, dress, the music I enjoy, not knowing how to dance (I’m awful), loving to read and sports too. It’s like you have to be the stereotypical black person in order for other black people to feel you. There came a time I tried being like my peers just to fit in and I’d never been more unhappy. It’s sad too because I still don’t seem to fit into most categories. Black people think I’m too white (get outta here) and with white people it’s not the same. We’re the lone survivors (haha, dramatic but true). Liking Taylor Swift (I’m not a fan of her, but that’s not the point haha) doesn’t make you white, and enjoying J. Cole doesn’t make you black (I love him). Liking Friends over Martin doesn’t make you white, and being educated rather than the opposite, or speaking properly doesn’t make you a certain race. I’m not sure if it’s like that everywhere but in the U.S. there’s definitely a separation between the two types of black people and it makes me sad. I’m sorry people continue to say those ignorant things to you, and don’t just accept that you’re not societies stereotypical view and portrayal of a black person. That was ranty, I know, but I had to get it out lol. Hope you don’t mind.

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    1. Amen! Loved that response. Your so right though. There is no written manual on how to be “black” we are who we are. I grew up in the hood but because I don’t act how others act I’m deemed less of a black person. People really need to grow up and expand there horizons everyone is different. Our skin color may be the same but that’s about it. I’m so glad you can relate to it because sometimes people just say I am stuck up. Girl I don’t mind the rant. I loved the response.

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      1. Yes, Yes, Yes! That’s why I loved Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl so much, she was defying the odds of what makes a black person black. And I know what you mean and it’s cray cray! Less black because you’re not their definition, yet my skin doesn’t change sooooooo what exactly are you saying haha. Nope not stuck up at all, and people who say you are because you try to defend yourself as a black woman should be ashamed. Black women are already “Da mule of the world” haha (Their Eyes Were Watching God) and adding sub-parts to use by skin tone, hair, and overall personality, it just further segregates us from being open minded and learning to love each other without those barriers 😦 it’s such a shame. Haha, okay good because this post really spoke to me, especially since someone said that to me today.

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