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You Can’t Buy Love

Inspiration Tuesday!!!

My friend put me on to the song “You Can Buy Everything” by singer Somo. While singing this song I was actually listenting to the lyrics. They lyrics made me think about a time in my life where I tried to buy someones love. I was nineteen. I really liked this guy and I would literally pay for everything from movies, dinner to even buying him a $300 pair of sneakers. As the relationship drew to a close I came to the realization that love can not be bought. I also realized that love has no monetary value. That a person would have to earn my love.

“You can buy everything”

“But you can’t, you can’t buy love.”

How many people try to buy love? I know a person that spends all his money on trying to keep a girlfriend. Let me tell you what I tell him; LET HER GO!! You can not buy a persons love. If that person wants to be with you they will stay. What happens when you no longer have the funds? They will leave you. Now you will heartbroken and broke. I would rather be broke and happy than be used. To anybody thats reading this post. Love is a precious thing. If that person cannot love you if you are not spending money on them they you need to let that person go. Love yourself more! 

Find you a person that is with you when you don’t have nothing. Those are the type of people you need to be in a relationship with.

Much Love,

Ebony Monae<3


Below is the song by Somo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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