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Live Life Unpologetically😘

Happy Wednesday Loves💜💜 

Good morning! Go forth today and trust your feelings. Take chances on finding what makes you happy. Learn from your past, but don’t dwell to long on it. Understand that life is constantly changing. The best thing you can do is live your life for you. 
To anyone that’s living there life in fear of what other’s may think my advice to you is STOP!! Your hurting inside while they living a life of happiness. This life is yours so live it to the fullest. Be who you are! If others judge then let them go! It may hurt but hiding who you are is doing more damage to you than them. 

To my friend that came out to me. Thank you for living your life for yourself. Thank you for trusting me with this. You have a long road ahead of you. Know that I am here for you and I will never judge you! Your not alone my friend💜💜💜💜

Living Life, 

Ebony Monae


Don’t forget to take chances in life. Don’t be afraid. Take that leap and jump! 


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