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💜 Yourself

Good Morning. Happy Monday Loves.

Today is the day for you to start loving yourself. It’s vital that YOU love yourself. No one will love you more than you.

You may want to be more light skin. Have a bigger butt. Bigger lips. Want that thigh gap that everyone is so crazy about. Let me remind you are perfectly beautiful. I believe that if you change one thing about yourself that is very drastic your going to keep changing more things about yourself.

If it comes down to it and you don’t like what you look like.  Start off with something that you can change. Drop those extra pounds thats hanging around. Change up your sense of style. Sometimes we wear clothes that don’t flatter our body types. These little changes add up to BIG changes.

Loving Myself Always,

Ebony Monae


God made you a masterpiece. Start seeing yourself strong, healthy, accomplishing your dreams and living an abundant life. 



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