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Express Yourself💜

Happy Friday guys. I hope everyone is doing amazing today. Hopefully you are in some air conditioning because it is hot out there, especially where I live.

This post I want to write about expressing your feelings. I am one of those people that don’t like to express what I am feeling. I am  great at putting on a mask for everyone. I don’t say how I am truly feeling. I will smile and laugh but inside I’m hurting or upset.  I just let things just build and then I can not take it any more. I realized that its not good for me or the person that has hurt me. I am working on expressing my feelings. I have a right to voice my feeling to my friends and family.

If someone has hurt you let them know how your feeling. Don’t hold anything in. Express yourself(I deff had a picture of guy dancing as I was typing that and IDK why lol). By you not expressing yourself your not being true to yourself. It is okay to take of the mask.

Until Next Time!





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