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What Would You Change? 

It’s the weekend and while some of us are going out to enjoy the end of a busy work week some of us are not. Some of us like me are contemplating life. My question that is on my mind as I type this is; 

If there was one thing you change in your life what would it be?

That one thing would be for me is to stand up for myself when it comes to my family. I put up such a good front that I don’t need them but that little girl inside is waiting to be accepted. To be loved. My best friend gave me a naked truth about myself tonight. 

Seeing those words really made me look at it from her perspective. In mind I’m like I’m so done with you and screw you guys but in reality if they need something I’m always there. I truly have to learn to harden my heart and walk away because it’s not a good thing for me to be treated that way. 

What in your life can you change? If you can change it how would you?

In my 26 years on this earth I’ve come to realize that life is a tricky thing. It’s beautiful yet fucking painful. You can’t go back and change the past only make a better future for yourself. 

Contemplating Life

Ebony Monae 💜


3 thoughts on “What Would You Change? ”

  1. However may we want to change our past, we can’t do it. It is better to move on with fresh plans rather than contemplate on the things gone wrong. We should learn from our mistakes & carry on. Mistakes are the stepping stones to success. All the very best to you in achieving your goal! God bless!


  2. Girl, first all your best friends rocks! We all need someone in our lives that is willing to give it to us straight even if it might not be something we want to hear so kudos to her and kudos to you for allowing that truth to enter your heart! Everyday I try to make small changes to make me a better person ans better for my family. Sometimes small stuff ie wake up a little earlier and sometimes big/harder stuff like truly forgiving someone who let me down or pissed me off. Great post!

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