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Love One Another💗

Good morning my beauties.  Hope my post finds you well this morning. 

This post is for my beautiful woman of color. To all the black woman out there let’s support each other. Gabby Douglas has won gold again for gymnastics but what we talk about is her hair? Not her incredible achievements but her damn hair. Like who does that? Let’s stop with the nasty remarks. Let’s stop with the belittling. Let’s stop with he name calling. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Thank you Gabby and Simone for telling a little black girl that gold is possible in a sport that’s dominated by white people. Thank you for not giving up when others have put you down💜

Further more I hate turning on the tv and seeing us black woman beat each other down. I’m constantly seeing woman fighting and belittling each other. What happened to compassion and kindness. Reality TV really showcases us woman in bad light. I absolutely hate that. We are educated and strong woman but that’s not showcased at all. 

I remember a conversation I was having with my friend. She was telling me how a girl got her butt done and it looks bad and this and that. I said and I quote “if she loves it that’s all that matters. Who am I to judge? Secondly I’m tired of us black woman bringing each other down.” I stand by my words. If you got your butt, nose or face done I’m happy for you. Whether it looks good or bad, I’m happy for you.

This morning let’s be nice to one another. Let’s support and uplift each other. Being a black woman is hard enough as it is. Let’s not add to that burden. 



Other woman are not my competition. I stand with them not against them. 


2 thoughts on “Love One Another💗”

  1. Love this post! It’s so true that we need to stand together. Older TV shows used to display black women having strong relationships, I wonder what changed? I guess people were tired of seeing us represented on TV in a good light?

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    1. Thank you. Your so right. I remember watching Claire Huxtable and saying I want to be like her. We don’t have any of the good shows anymore. It sucks that we don’t. Everyone cares about reality tv that’s not even reality tv it’s just scripted tv.

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