be inspired

Don’t Carry The Baggage! 

That rule above is life guys. I’m not joking. I am one of those people that let little things bother me. I will let things ruin my whole day or even week. You don’t believe me well here’s an example if I get hate mail(that’s what we call our notes she leaves us for things to work on or do) from my supervisor my whole day is not they same. When my sister does not talk to me for a week after I helped her out when she needed me. My whole week is messed up. I have attitude to the extreme. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest and thought about it. This most definitely needs to apply to my life. I have come to a point in my life where I have to let things go. Don’t carry  unnecessary baggage around with me. 

To my readers apply this rule to your life where you need it. Don’t carry the baggage. Let it go. Give it the five minutes to be upset and disappointed but don’t let it consume more of your precious time. Move on to something that makes your heart smile. 

As always be vibrant, be beautiful, be inspired! 



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