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Silence is Golden 

Morning beauties. Let’s have a wonderful and amazing day. 

“The smarter you get, the less you speak.” 

I freaking love that. It’s true. I’m learning that not everything requires a response. Recently I had someone text me and basically say that they didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I truly wanted to respond to them but I took a moment to regroup myself and was basically like screw you. You don’t get a reward. That reward is bestowing you with my response.  So I didn’t respond. I applied my 5by5 rule and let it go. I’m done with being upset over people who don’t want to speak with me. I been there and done that and I’m sure you have as well. 

My advice to you is to be quiet. I understand that sometimes you want to respond but sometimes things don’t need it your silence is golden. Apply this to your life and see how much it will benefit you. 

Be Amazing, Be Beautiful and Be Vibrant. 

Ebony Monae💜  


11 thoughts on “Silence is Golden ”

  1. Silence is Golden! The bible even tells you to never trust a person who talks too much (seriously paraphrased). I commend you for not texting back to that text meant to elicit an unsavory response.

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      1. OMG yes, Book 2 of Revenge! Book 3 comes out in November. Did you like it? What are you looking to read? I might have a recommendation I can send you on GR.

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      2. Yeah it was. I actually never read anything by her before (I don’t think…), but her writing is fun. Haha, okay I’ll do that!


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