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To The Dark Skin Beauties

Morning loves. Happy Sunday!! 

This post is for the girls that were told “Your pretty for a dark skin girl(s).”

Please like this post if you have ever been told that above. I HATE those seven words with a fierce passion. Why can’t I be beautiful because of my dark skin?

Growing up I was always made fun of because of my skin color. My siblings would call me “blacky” all the time due to the name calling I would grow up to hate my skin tone. I will never forget the time I was introduced to Coco Butter. I used that every day morning and night. About four months into using it my mother noticed my skin changing. She asked me what was going on with my face. I told her “I don’t know I’m just becoming lighter.” Around the six month mark she finally caught on to what I was doing by this time it was two late the damaged was already done. I had lights spots on my cheeks but the rest of my face was dark. Thus having me being called “two toned”. My thinking at that time was if I was lighter I would be beautiful. If I was lighter I would not be made fun of. If I was lighter boys would notice me. 

In my haste to lighten my skin didn’t realize that you had to put it all over your face and not just on the areas you didn’t like. It took years for my skin to become back to normal. Even now its tough to find certain foundations. 

I was not raised to love my skin until I got older and realized that my skin was not going anywhere. It is apart of me. Take this time to look into the mirror and see that beauty that is you. 

If you take away anything from this post. Understand that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOUR SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL. Your skin color does not determine if your  a pretty or not. I came across this video by Buzzfeed about dark skin and how people from various cultures go through this. Take a look at it. I have included it in bottom of this post. 


I love my skin 💜💜 

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Black Lives Matter✊🏾✊🏾

Everyone had something to say after his speech. People didn’t like it calling it hate speech on cops. Then last week two black men where killed by police officers and it was  gruesomely recorded for the world to see. 

I saw this speech live the moment I heard it, it gave me goosebumps because everything he said was true. 

No one knows what it’s like to be black in this country. Before  mothers was scared to let there black son’s walk out the house. Now mothers are scared to let there daughters and sons walk out the house. Never have I been scared to be black. Growing up I would hear stores from my grandmother who grew up in the south during Jim Crow. In 2016 my generation is going through the same thing her generation went through. 

It’s time that we take a stand. Even if we have to get arrested. It time we take a stand. Put you actions where your mouth is. We have to have a country that treats us with dignity and respect. 

We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t ask to be murdered so carelessly. I have seen people treat a gorilla with more dignity than a black person. No longer will I be silent. Together we can make a difference peacefully. Together we can make a change. 

Black and Proud✊🏾

Ebony Monae



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Educating Ignorant People! 

I wrote a post similar to this when I first started my blog, “Being Called a White Girl When Your Very a Much Black Woman”. It saddens me that I have to write another one because people are not understanding how ignorant they are! 

I am not a “white girl”. I am a beautiful African American Woman.  I am sick and tired of black men and woman saying that I’m not.  That is an igonorant statement to make.   

STOP putting a label on me. You calling me a “white girl” makes it seems like my African American side is nonexistent. The sad part is people think it’s okay to say that to your face. Then they have the nerve to get all worked up and upset when you let them know about themselves. Don’t tell me to relax. That angers me and I’m going to call you out on it. Let’s get one thing straight; I AM A BLACK WOMAN! 

Tell me what is a black girl? What is a white girl? Society thinks that black girls snap there necks and talk uneducatedly. Whereas white girls talk very proper they say “like” a lot. News flash everyone is different. There are white girls that’s listen to hard core rap and black girls that love Taylor Swift. Doesn’t make us less of black girl or them more of a black girl. 

My friend asked me why does this bother me? Why do you care what others think? I had to think on that and reflect. I have been called that my whole life. From an early age my own ethnic group has labeled me such. It bothers me because at that young age I couldn’t say anything but now being a grown woman I can and I will. I will stick up for those other woman who has been labeled as such. 

Finally, just because I don’t act how you think a black woman should act gives you no right to say that to me. Does not give you the right to ostracize me. At the end of the day I am a Black Woman and I’m PROUD!! 

Beautiful Melanin, 

Ebony Monae 💜🙋🏾 


In life you will meet ignorant people know the difference of when to educate and when to walk away because some people will never learn.