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Your Worth It💜

Happy Monday my loves. Another week is upon us. Another week for you to be the best that you can be. Another week to make mistakes. Another week to grow and learn. 

Today I want you to know you are WORTH IT! In life you will meet people who will make you feel like you are not worth anything, but understand that you are! 

Those people are toxic and you don’t need toxic people. Think of yourself as a garden. You put healthy soil and mulch in there right? Well consider that as your positive people. The people who are there for you, are your strongest relationships. You water your garden right? Well consider that as you lifting yourself up everyday. Your encouraging yourself. In your garden you will add the wrong pesticides that will hurt your garden. Notice I said hurt not kill. Once it’s removed your garden will grow again.  If you continue to feed yourself with postitive people and daily encouragement. Hunny no one can tell you anything.   

Life is beautiful if your living for you! Don’t let other people define who you are. Define your own worth! 

Much Love, 

Ebony Monae, 


Don’t expect to see positive change in your life if your surround yourself with negative people! 

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Know Your Worth!


 Hunny have respect for yourself. LOVE yourself. Do not let anyone put you down, make you feel worthless. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are NOT what they said you are! The basis for all relationships is RESPECT. 

Lauren Hill, she is just a beautiful soul. Take her words to heart. If she/he doesn’t respect you, then they don’t DESERVE you! I can attest to this. I been through it. I let them do that to me. In the end I learned myself worth. I learned that,  NO you will not speak to me that way. NO you will not put me down, make me feel inferior. The day I said NO I started living for ME! 

Furthermore do not go by what you see on TV. Nowadays you see these woman on these reality shows that let these men make them look like a fool. They have no respect for there relationships or the woman they are dating. Do Not be taken for a fool for any man/women that do not know how to be in a healthy and stable relationship! It’s not cute or healthy to be treated like that. Know Your Worth! 

Lastly, it’s okay to be alone. Don’t be afraid of being alone. There is beauty in growing and learning about yourself. Don’t be disrespected. Don’t stand for that. I understand it’s not easy to walk a way, but understand this there is beauty in walking away! 

Giving it to you Straight,