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Lets talk about FEELINGS!!

DAY 2 Topic Feelings!!


One of the things I regret in my previous relationships is not talking about my feelings. Telling them how I felt. I am the type that keeps things inside. Never opening up.  I would keep everything inside.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY PEOPLE!! Open up. If you not happy LET THEM KNOW.  If your upset LET THEM KNOW. If you sad LET THEM KNOW. Tell them how you feel.

Finally, the feelings that you both have should be equal as well as the effort in the relationship should be equal.

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As always Be Inspired to live a life you LOVE<3



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Focusing on YOU👈🏾

Happy Tuesday! Lets go forth and have a fabulous day. Love yourself. Love others. Smile. Laugh. Why? Simply because life is never promised. 

My thoughts on this rainy morning is this qoute below. You know it’ weird sometimes I don’t know how exactly am I feeling until I go on Pinterest. I found this qoute below and it summed up my feelings. Does anyone experience this or is it just me? Anyways.  

 I’m learning to just focus on me. Everyone I know is either getting married, having kids, moving away. I just feel somewhat lonely. I am learning to focus on me. My journey in life is different from there’s. So I have to take a step back and first appreciate the journey God has me on and second understand everyone’s journey won’t be the same. 

It is  okay to focus on you. It’s okay to be doing things differently. There is no manual on life. We all go about life differently. On this Tuesday start focusing on you. 

Living MY life, 

Ebony Monae💖 


Do what you need to do to make yourself happy😘