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Self-Love & Relationships

Happy February!!

Its been a long time no write (it was funny when I thought about it in my head) now it sounds corny but you know what? I am a corn ball so I’m going to leave it right up there.

Happy Feburaryyyyyyyyyy again. I can’t believe its the second month of 2017. With that being said I want to introduce something for the next 14 days I will doing. I will be dishing out some advice on self-love and relationships. Why? Because we get so caught up in relationship we forget about ourself’s.

Relationships are not easy. They are hard work.  I will be giving some advice I have on relationships and some of the things I would have done/have not done in my relationships and wish I did. If you need advice or would like me to speak on a matter don’t hesitate to email me

Now that its February people will begin to feel down because they are single for the month of LOVE but you know what fuck that(sorry for the language) We get so caught up in wanting to have a relationship that we forget that its okay to be single. BE SINGLE trust me its not the end of the world.

As the month begins don’t get all caught up in wanting to be in a relationship, BE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SELF!!


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Late Night Lovers Advice 

This is what every girl should want in a boyfriend or husband or vice versus in a girlfriend or wife. Just listening to that persons heartbeat as it puts you to sleep, feeling loved and cherished in someone’s arms. 

If your relationship doesn’t have this than hunny your selling yourself short. It’s the small moments like this that we fall in love with that person more. Some my might say sex is the most intimate; to me it’s the stolen moments like this that are the most intimate  and beautiful. You feel like you have become one with that person. It’s just you guys in your own little world💜

Cuddling with my Teddy🐻 



Don’t sell yourself short in any relationship! If they don’t see what an amazing person your are then cut them loose. More 🐟 in the sea😍