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Day 3 Self-Love Friday!!!

Morning people. Happy Friday!!!

Self-Love its important, it’s something we need. Something I know I lack daily. Today I want you to wake up and SAY “I am Beautiful. I am Gorgeous. I’M HERE TO SLAY!!

Go forth today and slay. Be Your Beautiful!!


-Love E



Hating yourself for what you aren’t.


LOVING yourself for everything you are. 





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Trust Your Journey! 

Happy Friday Loves💜! 

It’s Friday! Finally I can unwind and relax. NOT! Busy weekend coming up! Enough about me. How is everyone doing? I hope you had an amazing week. I hope you did all the things you wanted to do. I hope you stuck to you healthy eating plan. I hoped you walked away from people that hurt you. I hope you stood up for yourself. If not there is always tomorrow OR right now. Remember life is too short to waste on tomorrow’s. Right now in this moment claim your life back. 

My message to you on this Friday is don’t give up. Life will confuse you. Life will knock you down. Keep on fighting the good fight. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP! I believe that anything you put your mind to you can achieve. 

Last week I applied to take the civil service test for child protective services in my county. I actually take it a month away. Then on Wednesday I received an email for a per Diem job opportunity working with foster children. God is amazing! A couple of months ago I was  lost with my life. No plan, no direction. Now I have a job opportunity. Maybe I will like it. Maybe I won’t. But I will say that I’m going to try it. I don’t want to sit back and let opportunities pass me by.   

Life is all about learning and growing. I am learning about me. I told you guys in previous post for too long I have put so many people before me. Now I will put myself first💜! 

My message to you is to trust in Gods promise. He has a plan for your life. He will not lead you astray. I’m a testament to that. So trust in your journey. Yea, you may feel lost and yea you may feel alone, but know this you are not alone because I too have been in that place your in at this moment. I know that if you don’t give up amazing things will happen in your life. 

Blessed and Highly Favored, 

Ebony Monae! 



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Know Your Worth!


 Hunny have respect for yourself. LOVE yourself. Do not let anyone put you down, make you feel worthless. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are NOT what they said you are! The basis for all relationships is RESPECT. 

Lauren Hill, she is just a beautiful soul. Take her words to heart. If she/he doesn’t respect you, then they don’t DESERVE you! I can attest to this. I been through it. I let them do that to me. In the end I learned myself worth. I learned that,  NO you will not speak to me that way. NO you will not put me down, make me feel inferior. The day I said NO I started living for ME! 

Furthermore do not go by what you see on TV. Nowadays you see these woman on these reality shows that let these men make them look like a fool. They have no respect for there relationships or the woman they are dating. Do Not be taken for a fool for any man/women that do not know how to be in a healthy and stable relationship! It’s not cute or healthy to be treated like that. Know Your Worth! 

Lastly, it’s okay to be alone. Don’t be afraid of being alone. There is beauty in growing and learning about yourself. Don’t be disrespected. Don’t stand for that. I understand it’s not easy to walk a way, but understand this there is beauty in walking away! 

Giving it to you Straight, 


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💜Finding My True Colors 💜


I love this quote it is so inspiring. If we give it much thought we are like butterflies. We grow and change throughout life. Certain things in life help shape the person we are. I love how it states “….finding my true colors in life”. That’s what I am doing. Finding who I am in life, finding what I want out of life, finding my colors. Since purple is my favorite color I hope My color is filled with vibrant shades of purple💜 . 

Yesterday I had to take a seat and really think about what I want in life. I recently connected with an ex. He was my first love, my first everything and I love him deeply. He is finally the man that I knew he could be and I was happy that he grew up. We started to talk and get to know the person we are today. Slowly I found myself becoming a person I am not to appease him and do things that I don’t do. Yesterday I cut all ties because the person I am becoming is not the person or woman he wants. I am a free spirit and you can’t cage me. I love the person I am becoming. He was trying to change my life choices and decisions to become someone that suited him. It took me awhile to undertand that I am not who he wants. He doesn’t like the whole package he likes the outer appearance but not the inner beauty. I want a man that loves the WHOLE package. 

So while telling him this, I felt FREE. I found my wings and let him know that he is not for me because the person I am today is not the person who I use to be. I am no longer that nineteen year old who would have followed you too the end of earth. I am now a woman that is strong in her choices and her faith in herself. I love you but I love myself more. 

I am flying and being on my way hoping that God puts a man in my life that’s an image of him. That knows my heart and accepts and loves my whole package. I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. 

No woman should change who they are for a man. No man should change who they are for female. If you love the person you are then they should accept who you are. Love them for them. As mentioned on Monday life is too short to be anything but what makes you happy. A person that your are proud of. 

I hope this post finds you in place like I was and the words help you find your true colors💜. 

💜EbonyMonae 💜 


Be who you want to be, BE YOU💜