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We Are Perfectly, Imperfect! 

No one knows what we go through as we struggle with our insecurities. It’s extremely hard. You dress a certain way. You do this. You  do that. Just so no one belittles you. People are cruel in this world. They will hurt you. No one has compassion anymore. 

When people see that your changing or that your different they want to say things like; “You are stuck up!” “You think your better than everybody!” You know what?  “We are not stuck up. “We do not think we are better than anyone”. But you know what we are? “We are strong” “We are SURVIVORS!” This qoute is for all of the people who had to deal with bullying. Who had to deal with people putting your insecurities out in the open for others to laugh at. We worked hard to overcome this. 

I’m so proud of you for coming so far. It’s hard work but you did it. You overcame the ridicule. You overcame the laughs. Your standing tall. Screw what they said about you. You know why? Because your BEAUTIFUL inside and out.  

I whole heartedly believe God made you for his divine purpose. God gives us pain disguised as lessons. What your going through now or been through was to help others. Love who you are because you are a SURVIVOR💜

Overcoming My Insecurities, 

Ebony Monae 


You are Perfectly, Imperfect💖.