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Take OFF the Mask🎭

It’s time to take off the mask. Time to reveal to the world who you really are. Don’t hide your true self any longer. 

Do you understand what I am saying? Show the world who you are. It saddens me when people hide themselves for fear of being judged. Hunny you get one shot at the this. Live your LIFE!! Do not live for others opinions. Today a coworker told me that his friend won’t speak Spanish because of fear of people hearing it. Whats sad about this he is Hispanic. Thats hiding yourself. This person grew up in an Hispanic household yet the fear of judgment keeps him from speaking his native tongue. 

My advice to anyone who is wearing a mask. Take it off. Hiding yourself for others is the equivalent of silencing your soul. I whole heartedly believe to do anything in this world you have got to have a sense of self. If you hide your true self than you won’t accomplish much. 

My Mask is Off, 

Ebony Monae 


Life. What does it mean to you? Ask yourself that.