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When They Don’t Add Value To Your Life 👋🏾 BYE FELICIA 👋🏾


 To many times guys and females try to stop a person from moving foward with there life. In all honesty it’s a shame. As a human being we should want someone to achieve whatever they set there minds to. But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. 

I met a guy and I knew from the start that he was not going to add any type of value to my life but just headache and heartache. So i told him we are in two different places in our lives. It actually felt good to be a upfront and honest. He didn’t like what I had to say but he accepted it. That’s also another thing I should mention. If we know they are not going to do anything for us, DO NOT STRING ALONG. LET THEM GO!! We are no better than they are if we tag them along. It’s better to be open and honest with them from the start. 

As a I am getting older I have come to terms with that I can do bad all by myself. I do not need a guy in my life that won’t bring anything to the table. In that case I will rather eat alone.  

Final thoughts: Don’t be in any relationship if a  person is going to stop you from doing something great with your life. You only have one life. Make it the most beautifully lived life you can because life is to beautiful not to be lived💜

💗 Ebony Monae 💗